Dental Treatment Schedule

Peoples Healthcare provides dental services to school children at no out-of-pocket costs for eligible families under child dental benefit schedule (CDBS). Under this program we will bring our Dental van to your child’s school along with our registered and qualified Dental team.

We call it “Happy Smiles for Children At School Program”. It includes following dental services:

  • Oral Examinaton – dental professional performs a comprehensive oral health assessment, counts teeth, examine gum & teeth condition and diagnose possible issues.
  • Clean – dental professional uses a scaler to remove any plaque or tartar build-up and then polishes the teeth with a soft rubber cup and a special paste to remove any stains.
  • Fluoride treatment – A fluoride mousse is applied to remineralize and protect the teeth from decay.
  • Fissure Sealants – A dental material is placed in especially deep grooves and pits in the teeth to protect them from cavities since these can be hard to keep clean.
  • X-Rays – X-rays are taken for diagnostic purposes to identify any possible underlying issues and assess depth of cavities.
  • Fillings – If there are cavities, fillings can be provided. The caries (tooth decay) is cleaned out and after the area is cleaned it is filled with a modern composite filling or glass-ionomer cement.
  • Extraction – If a tooth is very badly decayed, and especially if they are milk teeth, an extraction may be needed to protect the underlying tooth from damage. Simple extractions can be made by our dental team, more complicated extractions are referred your local dentist.
  • Treatment report – The treatment report is filled out by our dental staff and sent home with the children. It outlines any issues and talks about what was done on the day.
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions – We also provide oral hygiene instructions both to the child on the day and in the form of a take-home brochure along with a care bag and/or toothbrush.

There is no out of pocket expense for patients who are eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). Under CDBS eligible child receives up to $1000 over a period of 2 years to use on approved dental services. Your child can get CDBS when:

  • they are eligible for Medicare
  • they are between 2 and 17 years old for at least 1 day that year
  • you or they get an eligible payment at least once that year.

You can be either the child’s:

  • parent or guardian
  • approved care organisation.

If your child is eligible for CDBS the cost of dental treatment will be deducted from this balance. However you may have to cover additional costs if you have used all the balance prior to our appointment.

CDBS fee schedule:

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination: $52.65
  • Removal of Plaque or Stain: $53.80
  • Removal of Calculus: $89.70
  • Fluoride Application: $34.55
  • X-ray: $30.45 /each
  • Fissure Sealant: $46.05 /tooth
  • Dental Fillings: from $115.45 to $242.20 (depending on number of tooth surface/s needed to be restored)
  • Extraction: $131.30

If you have any questions or require further information please contact us:

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